Top Ten Do’s/Don’ts for comportment while with your child during periods of possession:

Do Don't
Make a sincere effort to personally care for your child. Make your child feel like they aren’t important to you by not personally caring for them or having them cared for by a significant other.*(referenced hereinbelow as SO*)
Insure the child attends extracurricular activities in which the child is enrolled/participates Make the child miss practices, games, campouts, etc
Talk with the other parent/child about what homework/projects should be begun, worked on or completed by the end of your period of possession Return the child to the other parent/school without homework/projects being begun, worked on or completed, whichever is applicable.
Involve your child in plans for activities during periods of possession. Act like it’s a burden to care for your child.
Report to authorities if you believe your child is being abused. (physical or sexual) Ignore significant/unexplained bruising, injuries or a child’s outcry about abuse.
Insure the child has their own bed to sleep in at your house. Let the child sleep with you or you & your spouse/SO.
Speak positively about the other parent or say nothing at all. Make disparaging remarks about the other parent or allow others to do so.
Refrain from what a judge might consider inappropriate behavior for you or you and your spouse/SO while your child is present. Drink excessively, use illegal drugs, view pornography, use profanity or argue with someone.
Respect the child’s sensibilities. Sleep with a SO during periods of possession.
Return all clothing, personal items and school work with the child. Keep clothes/personal items the child was sent with.

At one’s deathbed, no one says, “I wish I hadn’t spent so much time with my child.”