Checklist for parents of elementary and middle school students for the New School Year


  1. Call your child’s school to determine when the open house is scheduled and ask if there are events that aren't on the school's website. Many schools have “meet the teacher” day which frequently is NOT on the school’s website. Call the school to find out when that is scheduled. You and your child should attend this together.
  2. If your child has special needs or requirements discuss this with the teacher in private and NOT at an open house.
  3. Exchange email addresses between you and the teacher and periodically email the teacher to inquire how your child is doing.
  4. Get a list of school supplies and get them BEFORE school starts because stores run out of supplies if you wait until after school starts.
  5. Set realistic goals with your child regarding academic performance, agree to a plan and assist your child to attain the goal. This plan will probably change as your child progresses through the school year. Be flexible as circumstances change.
  6. If parents of the child do not reside together –

    Make arrangements with the school to provide notices to both parents.

    If the child is in elementary school, coordinate with the other parent if there is a weekly homework “packet” that needs to go between two homes during periods of possession and access to the child.

    Be nice to the other parent if you see them at the open house and in the event you have a new spouse or significant other that is attending the open house, insist that they are pleasant to the other parent as well. Don’t put your child or the teacher in an awkward situation.

    If communication is ineffective between you and the other parent, consider utilizing a valuable and affordable resource called "Our Family Wizard" at Parents are increasingly being ordered by the courts to use this resource.

    Words your child needs to hear you say: Have fun! Work hard! I’m proud of you! I love you!