Love and Divorce – Like oil and vinegar? It doesn’t have to be...

How can you love during a divorce?

Love your child –

  • Do put your child’s best interest before yourself
  • Do be courteous to the other parent in the presence of the child
  • Do pay child support on time and offer additional monies to assist the other parent, if you are able
  • Do allow your child to communicate freely with the other parent
  • Do communicate/make requests of the other parent directly - not through your child

Love yourself and follow these tips to reduce stress during your divorce -

  • Do take care of yourself. Eat, drink and exercise in a healthy fashion. Be disciplined and deliberate in your wellness
  • Do stay in touch with trusted friends
  • Do disengage from your spouse if you have a history with your spouse of ineffective communication
  • Do keep communications brief and to the point with your spouse
  • Do follow the Court’s orders – the consequences can be severe if you don’t
  • Do focus on significant issues in your divorce, not trivia – admittedly “trivia” is subjective, but this can expend a lot of negative energy on your part and also increase attorney’s time and fees

Love your good family law judges -

Get educated about the family law Judges and vote in the upcoming primary. We have many fine judges on the bench at this time in Harris County and Fort Bend County, which are the counties with which I’m most familiar. Most are experienced, fair and caring. Many of your lives are touched by the family law courts. Get educated and vote!

“Those who are happy are not without pain, they just know how not to be controlled by it.”