Top Ten Tips - Post Divorce Survival Guide a.k.a. How to Create the Life You've Imagined!

Divorce is a significant milestone in a person’s life and that is no doubt an understatement. How does one navigate through the uncharted waters of life after divorce? Allow yourself to create and embrace a brighter happier life… the life that you’ve imagined!

  1. Re-energize your job skills/career. Take courses if need be to sharpen your existing skills. Do what you have a strong interest in, or even better, a job that you have a passion for!
  2. Think "outside the box" when considering new relationships, friendships and neighborhoods to move to. Reinvent yourself! Try something new. Make certain the “new” is emotionally healthy for you…not destructive.
  3. Become an obsessive accountant of your personal finances. Know where every penny goes. There’s a lot of online information and free financial counseling available through a multitude of companies to help you with your finances and financial planning for your future.
  4. Lean on those you trust and make time to maintain your most important family relationships & friendships.
  5. Don't hold a perpetual "pity party" for yourself. Allow yourself to feel your emotions, but then move on quickly from the negative ones.
  6. You are your children’s most important role model. Be mindful of this in all that you do or say, particularly to your ex-spouse in the presence of your children.
  7. Try new hobbies, go back to school or volunteer for a charity you are interested in. Actively seek to broaden your world and experiences. Reevaluate how you spend your time and seek activities that give you joy and a sense of satisfaction. Don’t allow past routine to restrain you.
  8. Maintain certain traditions for the sake of the children, but also purposefully create new ones.
  9. Attend worship services regularly, even if you feel like God isn't being fair.
  10. Take care of your body: eat properly & exercise regularly.

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new.” - Socrates