Seven Suggestions to Salvage and Restore your Marriage

Most marriages have highs and lows, good times and times of boredom and frustration. There are times in a marriage when love has left the marriage, and then what do you do?

Commit to do the following together:

1. Fight for your marriage. At times it can be perceived that it is easier to leave a faltering marriage than to fix the brokenness in a marriage. Hang in there.

2. Work on the problems in your marriage. Your perception is your reality and your perception might be that the problems in your marriage are your spouse’s fault. Take an honest look at yourself and work on areas that need improvement.*

3. Share all aspects of your lives. This includes sharing passwords to your bank accounts, investments and social media sites like Facebook. There should not be any secrets between the two of you.

4. Tough it out. Some marriages struggle due to outside pressures like stresses associated with maintaining a household, demands of raising children or a job. Time passing changes those circumstances, and sometimes things get better again.*

5. Communicate with each other. Really listen to what your spouse is saying. Repeat to your spouse what you think you heard them say. You’ll be surprised at how often what your spouse says and what you think they said are very different.

6. Set clear boundaries for bad behavior. Addictive/other bad behavior must be dealt with in a marriage. *

7. Treat each other with respect. Both spouses need to show respect for each other.

It gives many people peace of mind to consult with a family law attorney to assess alternatives in the event a couple don’t share the joint goal to salvage their marriage. Knowing your options can be liberating and help you focus on salvaging your marriage.

* Commit your time, emotion and money to a good counselor to accomplish this goal.

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… we had everything before us, we had nothing before us…” – A Tale of Two Cities