Making Memories With Your Child This Summer Starts With Effective Communication

Summer is such a good time to create special memories with your child. It’s a good time to slow the hectic pace of the school year and really observe and listen to your child. You might think you know, but you might be surprised to find out what your child’s interests are, what makes them laugh and their concerns.

The following are tips for nurturing effective communication with your child.

  1. Use an encouraging tone when speaking with your child.
  2. Ask, “What’s going on in your life?” You will be surprised at how open a child is when asked this question.
  3. Look at a child at their eye level. If a child is young, don’t bend over to talk to a child. Bend from your knees and stoop down, so your face and body are at the same level as the child.
  4. Active listening is a compelling communication strategy that consists of a verbal response containing no actual message from the parent, but rather a mirroring back of the child’s previous expression.
  5. Have meaningful conversations with your child. This helps them develop a starting point for broader dialogues and effective participation.

Creating an atmosphere of healthy dialogue is the basis of positive parent-child interactions and high self-esteem in a child. Effective communication between a parent and child can help prevent problematic behavior and nurture a child’s understanding regarding interacting successfully with others.