Family Law, COVID 19 news, Changes going forward and Topic of the Month “Narcissists, Lies and Addiction”

Family Law and COVID 19 news –

There is discussion in some school districts to change the school calendar and some have already done so. If the school calendars significantly change it will affect all possession and access schedules in existing final orders. The remedy to alter the possession and access schedules is to file a Petition to Modify Parent-Child Relationship to change the possession and access schedule.

Changes going forward –

Subsequent to Hurricane Harvey the increase in divorce filings increased. It is anticipated that subsequent to the COVID 19 pandemic divorce filings will also likely increase. It seems that parties remaining in close quarters can exacerbate marital differences. Work on your marriage if possible and seek out good marital counseling.

Topic of the Month – Narcissists, Lies and Addiction

A common reason for divorce is when one of the parties is a Narcissist. It is impossible to have a healthy relationship with a narcissist because of course “it’s all about them!” It’s common that a narcissist’s sense of self causes them to lie and over time their life becomes a lie. The layers of lies create a fragile core that in their minds justifies their “stories,” which they believe are crucial to their survival. Lies, partial truths, misleading statements and omission are all forms of deception a narcissist employs. When a narcissist is caught in a lie there is no real remorse, reflection or guilty conscience, but instead their response frequently is one of grandiosity and attempts to make the other person think they are at fault for the lie. Their excuses are contorted – reflecting a distorted sense of who they really are. There is a strong link between narcissists and addiction, in part due to the shame/anger they experience. If this resonance with you get good therapeutic help with an experienced counselor or if your marriage is beyond help search for an experienced family law attorney.

“You cannot change someone else, but you can change your response to them.”