Spring Break Checklist for Travel Involving a Child of Separated/Divorced Conservators

The following information should be exchanged between conservators for a child who will be traveling. Provide or give, as applicable, to the other conservator:

For Domestic Travel Outside of Texas and International Travel

  • Written notice of the intended travel no later than 48 hours after travel plans have been made, but no later than 21 days before departure. Include dates of travel, cities to be visited, the name(s) of accommodations, airports, carriers, flight numbers, departure andarrival flight information at each destination.

For International Travel

  • Appropriate written authorization, within 10 days after written request is received, to allow a child to travel with the other party beyond the territorial limits of the U.S.
  • Written consent form for travel outside the U.S. that is required by the country of destination and countries through which travel will occur.
  • Timely exchange passports to allow such travel.
  • Return the passport of the child upon return of the child.
  • Itinerary of each destination of the intended travel, including the name, address and phone number of each interim destination and the final travel location.
  • A detailed statement of each portion of the intended travel during which the conservator providing the written notice will not accompany the child.
  • The name, permanent mailing address and cell phone number of each person accompanying the child on the intended travel.
  • If the travel will be with a group, notice all information about the group trip, its sponsor and itinerary.

Pre-Trip Planning: Make two copies of your child’s passport ID page. Keep one copy at home, and have your child carry the other copy in a separate place from their passport. Scan the passport and send a copy to your own e-mail account so it can be accessed anywhere.

Bring along at least one passport photo. These are 2” x 2” photos taken in the last six months with a front view of the child’s face on a white background. Have another form of photo ID also. If a passport is lost or stolen, this will speed up the replacement process.