Back to school and what to do...Top Ten Tips

Separated and divorced families frequently experience communications problems regarding homework, test and school events for their children.

The following are tips to make the process easier which is in the best interest of your child.

  1. Look at the school's website for information regarding open house and meet the teacher's opportunities for you and your child. Don’t rely on the other parent to give you this information.
  2. Before school starts, call your child's school directly to check if there are events that aren't on the school's website that you and your child should attend.
  3. If you attend an open house and your child and other parent are present, be nice! Don't create an awkward or embarrassing moment for your child in front of the teacher and other parents.
  4. Advise your child's teacher that you would like to be emailed regarding parties, events, field trips, etc.
  5. Sign up to volunteer for activities and follow through. This means a lot to your child!
  6. If your child is in elementary school, ask the teacher if homework "packets" are distributed weekly and find out what day of the week the "packets" are distributed and do what you can to assist your child to insure their homework is completed. Attempt to coordinate with your child's other parent to assist the child in completing the packet.
  7. Participate in purchasing back-to-school supplies, books and uniforms.
  8. If you are the higher wage earner of the two parents, either purchase the items mentioned in 7 above or give the other parent extra money to buy items.
  9. Periodically email or meet with the teacher to make sure your child is on track.
  10. If you are in the unfortunate but common situation where communication with your child's other parent is slim to none, or what communication there is, is counterproductive, check out "Our Family Wizard" at Parties are increasingly utilizing this resource to facilitate communication between parents

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