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Nancy L. Rommelmann

Client Testimonials

Outstanding Attorney

Going through a divorce is an emotionally painful experience, especially when your kids are involved. You found someone who you care for deeply, but for whatever reason, it doesn't work out. There are many divorce attorneys in Harris County. However, I believe that I have found the best in Mrs. Rommelmann. I hired her about 6 years ago for a divorce/custody battle (after going through a not so good divorce attorney), and then again about a month ago for my second divorce case. Yes, I went back to her because she is the one you want on your side of the table! She is that good. Mrs. Rommelmann has been a lifesaver. She was able to get me through the second case quickly, without having a long drawn out, unnecessary, legal battle. And, even though I have been an emotional wreck at times, she has calmly guided me through the family court process and I am extremely grateful for all that she has done for my family and me. She was honest, responsive, and exceptionally prepared in my cases.

It's quite evident that her hard work and knowledge in the family courts helped justice be done. If your looking for an attorney who tells you what you want to hear, then she's not for you. She will tell you what she believes is the truth, and that's very honorable.

I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is going through a divorce. Frankly telling her thank you isn't enough...but thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Thankful Customer

Ms Rommelmann is a very professional lawyer that always will fight for what's right for her clients. For several weeks l looked for the right attorney to represent my case and the moment I met her, I knew she was the right person.

My son and I have peace of mind after my painful divorce because ms nancy fought for our rights until the end.

Grandma's Child

When my son suddenly passed away, I was devasted but aware that I needed to care for my 4 year old granddaughter. Nancy was referred to us and we were immediately comfortable with her. She was compassionate, kind and patient.

She explained the difficulties possible in our situation while reassuring that she would do all she could to help me. As a grandparent, I had a battle before me but Nancy was knowledgeable and did not give up. We eventually got the results we sought, thanks to Nancy and her staff!

Honest, Straightforward, Patient and Aggressive!

Nancy was honest, straightforward, patient and aggressive! My spouse had put me down for so many years and had been emotionally abusive to me and I didn't know who to believe. Nancy and her staff were so patient as I reasked questions many times since I was so afraid of my future.

My spouse lied about everything and Nancy systematically got the truth out. She insisted on the psychological evaluations that needed to be done to disclose my spouses addictions and got court ordered counseling that made it easier to deal with my spouse. I now have a bright future and my spouse isn't dealing with my kids like they are pawns.

A Fanatastic Lawyer and Advocate

As a father I figured I had little to no hope getting custody of my kids. with Nancy's help, no only did I get the custody I wanted, my assets were protected and we all could move on without a long drawn-out legal battle. I have recommended Nancy Rommelmann to all of my friends that have to go through divorce.

Exceptional Lawyer - 10 Stars

5 stars above is not enough. I was a younger father wanting custody of my kids. In today's world, that seems a little farfetched to many. However, I felt that the kids were better off with me. She fought long and hard, and I got my wish. I cannot thank Mrs. Rommelmann enough. Before finding her, I had hired another attorney who just didn't fight for me. Mrs. Rommelmann was the exact opposite. Her firm was a life saver to me both emotionally and legally. I would highly suggest her to anyone!

An Attorney You Can Trust

Thank you Nancy! I knew from the moment we met at our consultation, that I could trust you with some of the most delicate parts of my life. That trust only grew over time with your constant reassurances of my parenting abilities. You are in a tough business and the religious beliefs you brought into our situation only made me more comfortable. You helped me a great deal to go through what I call "the process" and I can't imagine having any other attorney to go through that with me.

Tough and Compassionate Attorney

I used Nancy for my divorce and her advice and direction was spot on. I have since had to lean back on some of the fine points of the agreement and am convinced that my world would have been turned upside down if Nancy had not been so thorough. She is the perfect combination of tough and compassionate. Nancy was a God send for me. She handled my divorce as if she were a friend. I trusted her then and trust her today. She is tough and fair. I am just glad I hired her before my spouse did.

Wonderful to Work With

Nancy truly cares for her clients and fights hard for them. With regard to my case, she got me everything I wanted and more. The service Nancy and her staff provide is truly superior. Her law office is absolutely wonderful to work with!

A True Professional

Nancy Rommelmann is a true professional with great skills, great insights, and many years of experience. She helped get me through a really rough time in my life."

Professional and Respectful

My case was personal and sensitive and was handled both professionally and respectfully by Nancy. I was satisfied with her competence and the outcome of the case. I highly recommend Nancy, as she cares about her clients and the outcome of their particular cases.